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Hello Gnome

So a couple of weeks ago i made the bold move to move from opensuse 11.0 to Fedora 10. My take on it.., i aint looking back at all. I’m actually impressed. I have to admit though, i kinda miss YAST, that there is a jewel. it will take a lot i guess to get a replacement. Yum seems to do the job, I’ve upgraded to yum presto, its a bit faster.

One thing though i’ve noticed is , gnome seems to be polished now. I remember using gnome on Redhat a few years back.It was not exactly the best thing, and made me choose KDE. Speakin of KDE, it seems to be getting blotted, or maybe its my suse 64bit installation. I had kde4.1, and i have to admit maybe i’m one of those guys who just want to resist change, but the idea of having to use a widget to access my desktop wasnt working.

I use java a lot in my day job, and i’ve found gnome isn’t that resource hungry compared to kde. I’m now using gnome and happy.